Sunday, September 6, 2009


A great day is it? We just came home from the health center. Its my baby boy's schedule for his monthly immunization. We are on HIB III. Very tiring, the great way to relax is to open my PC, sit in a couch and start surfing the internet. BTW (by the way). I found an article about blogging. As I browse through it i found this two gadgets very interesting, actually I was attracted at their look hehehe, anyway i decided to add them up and try. This 2 gadgets can help bloggers in promoting their blogs. As I understand it can also give traffic and can increase the page rank. Hope itcan help my co-bloggers.
Link Exchange
This is a free link exchange service as backlink, Everyone knows how important backlinks are to getting a good rank . As what I read about this it can increase the SEO and page rank of a blog. Nothing to lose so I tried it.

Show off your blog

It is a dynamic blog directory and blog promotion site where you will find new blogs every hour. Whether you're looking to promote your own blog or find blogs on various topics, this site is for you.

How to add your blog:
1. Select a category that fits your blog.
2. Visit at least 1 blog in that category.
3. Add your blog.
Once you have added, your blog will appear at the top of the page. The oldest blog will be pushed out from the page. This way you get a chance to sit at the top until you are pushed out as new blogs are added. By the way, you can always come back and post your blog again.


When I first made my blog its really really hard. I feel my nose will bleed and my head will explode cause I really know where to start. Thank goodness a friend gave me some guidance and I also did some research. I'm using some widgets in my blog. Here it is: Visitor tracking widget. It displays
the number of people currently on your site and what pages they areonline visitor tracking widget
reading. No need any sign-up's to grab this widget.

Cbox Cbox or Chatbox is a chat widget which can be easily embedded
in any web page. It is free and have many features including message
history, spam blocking,etc. It can be easily customizable to fit your
blog layout.

You can also use this widgets:

Outbrain Star Rating Widget Very eager to know what your readers think about your posts?
Here is a cool star rating widget by Outbrain.

Google Translate This widget lets your non-English speakingGoogle translate widget
visitors to quickly translate your webpage in their native
language with just a single click.

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